Youth recovery services are necessary for the overall health of the Denver community.  Many young patients struggle with legal and psychiatric issues, in addition to substance abuse.  One of the centers available to provide youth recovery in Denver is called Synergy.  Synergy is a day-treatment and residential treatment program offered for young-adults.  It is a branch of Addiction Research Treatment Services (ARTS), which is a large provider of treatment through the University of Colorado.  ARTS also helps adults who struggle with addiction through counseling and methadone maintenance. At the Addiction Rehab Clinics there are a lot of resources for treatment.

Another effective youth recovery program in Denver is called the STEP program.  This clinic features Dr. Chris Thurstone and some expert therapists at treating teenagers who struggle with marijuana or other drug addiction.

This article showcases a success-story for 2 teens struggling with both heroin addiction and homelessness.  It also mentions Dr. Sakai, one of the child-psychiatrist / addiction doctors who works at Synergy.  The clinical team at Synergy helps patients build motivation to change.  It also helps youths feel empowered to build sober supports and find success in school and careers.

Source: Colorado teen brothers addicted to heroin reach out for help