Each week, we make an effort at the University of Colorado – CeDAR, to align patients with appropriate follow-up care.  Over the years, we have found it quite difficult to search for available and appropriate treatment options.  The search approaches were through Google and essentially the same as a healthcare consumer.

In trying to tackle this dilemma, I designed and built an addiction treatment search engine called TreatmentMatching.com.  This site allows users to input numerous criteria for finding addiction treatment services.  Currently we have 393 available programs in our directory, or we can use a service of inpatient rehab for alcohol treatment as well.

If you are a clinical provider of treatment, make sure to post your services on our site and look for other workplaces such as the https://drugaddictionclinics.co.uk/ to provide your services or Colaborate.  This service is completely free and will take a minute or so of your time to fill out our designated form.  Through this search engine, we are able to link patients to the right services as we also for with cocaine addiction help for addicts, bolstering outcomes and saving lives.